Golara + Shahriar

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of witnessing the union of two incredible people, Golara & Shahriar. Not only did I witness it, I had the privilege of being their photographer for the day. When people ask me why I like photographing weddings I get a little stumped because it’s hard to explain why or how something is magical. It’s not for the money. It’s not for the long days of shooting and editing. It’s not because it’s “the most beautiful day of their lives” more on that later. No. I do it because of the energy that surrounds weddings, the families and friends coming together, old and new traditions merging. I do it for the dancing, for the friends whose smiles and laughs get bigger and louder as the night advances. I do it for the parents who get emotional as they see their children entering a new phase in their lives and I do it for the fussing of a sweet grandmother who wants to make sure everyone has eaten enough, everyone down to the hairdresser, makeup artist and photographer – yes I was fed a piece of fruit as I was pressing down the shutter. It’s to escape the cocktail party with the couple and ask them the little questions that paint the tableau of their love story, the path that led them to this day where they find themselves in front of my camera. Golara and Shahriar, your wedding day was incredible and I still cannot believe how lucky I was to be a part of it. I do NOT wish for it to be the most beautiful day of your life. Instead, I wish for it to be the start of a lifetime of memories and events and that each be more beautiful than the last. While I work on making sure you have all the best photos possible, please enjoy these few frames!