About Me

Hey there!

My name’s Elise and I’m a 30 something year old photographer from Montréal! Aside from my photography work, I am also the current Operations Manager at The Image Salon, a Montréal based photo editing company! Some of my -varied- interests include film animation, painting (aquarelle), sewing, baking and pottery (queue the Ghost joke ;))!

After graduating from the Photography program at Dawson College, I completed a bachelor’s degree in Communications at Concordia University, specializing in video production and post production! These studies led me to look at visual media in a variety of ways, be it in terms of composition and colour or, more importantly, the implication, meanings and importance of visual media, the capturing, archiving and preservation of precious moments in our personal histories!

I could tell you that what attracts me to photography is to preserve moments in time, the eternal cliché. While there wouldn’t be a word of lie in that statement, I think that what matters most to me is to capture real, unbridled moments. Laughs. Tears. Stolen kisses. Secret smiles.  That is what memories are made of and THAT is what I want to capture!

So look around, drop me a line! Let’s talk!

Elise xo



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