Let’s give it another go!

Hello interwebs!

I have been staring at this blank page for what seems like ages, wondering how to start this post. I’ve attempted to keep a blog countless times and failed every time. I think that my previous failure was due to my inability to condense or summarize, of wanting to share every detail of my trip! If I’d done that, there would in turn not have been much to write seeing as I would have been spending all my time writing! But here we are, I am ready to get back up and blow the dust off this writing machine!

A year ago, I was 15 days away from leaving on a wonderful adventure. As such, I’ll not only be using the blog to share my photos but also to relive small moments of my European adventure! Let’s start with some photos! A few months ago I went to the botanical gardens and photographed flowers, shocker I know! Well, I was actually there to see the lantern exhibit but insisted on visiting each and every greenhouse first! The flower photos were shot at a fairly high ISO and I wasn’t sure how to treat them so they stayed on a drive, untouched for some time until I decided to push the values and make them into very dark and contrast rich B&Ws! I find the result somewhat erotic, sensual. Here are a few frames!


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