Travelling and gaining perspective

Dear Internets,

As I’m writing these words, I have already been away for close to two weeks. I didn’t think that I would want to write a travelling blog hence the delay. However, as a result of keeping a detailed journal of my travels, I find that the writing exercise has been a tremendously pleasant experience and while I do not expect many to read me, I enjoy putting my thoughts into words and laying them down on this virtual paper. I have found that in doing so, I am cementing certain details of my journey I would have otherwise forgotten.

I graduated from Concordia in 2012 — Ouf! Has it been two years already? — and haven’t done much in terms of looking for employment in my field. That is to say, I’ve fallen into what many of my fellow workers have called the waitressing trap. We all have bills to pay and leaving said waitressing job for an unpaid or low pay internship was unthinkable! I’ve taken the odd photography gig here and there and each time I was filled with such joy I knew I would have to take the plunge eventually but procrastination and I were always the best of friends when it came to tough decisions and so I stayed. It is also worth mentioning that part of the difficulty in deciding to leave was how much I loved my workplace! Whether it be the regulars (No, of course not all of them..Yes, I have stories. No, not now), the food (Omnomnom) or my bosses and coworkers (my OG family). At any rate, I had been talking about going to Norway for years and decided that travelling to Europe would be the best course of action I could take to make a clean break between my restaurant life and the next chapter in my life, whether it be in photography, PR, animation, education, or any other field I’ve taken an interest in over the years… As you can imagine, this “vacation” or adventure as I like to call it is also a way for me to escape everything and everyone I know in hopes of gaining my own perspective on things.

The itinerary so far: Montreal- Amsterdam- Menden (Sauerland)- Vilnius- Hønefoss-Kragerø-“Norwegian farm”- Berlin- Montreal



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