Is this the one?

Will this be the one? The post where I finally figure out this blogging thing?! Some time ago I said third time’s a charm. It wasn’t. But that’s the thing with “failing”, so long as you get back up, you haven’t truly failed. So this is me, in 2018, getting ready to give this blog thing another go! I just added a new section to this page for family sessions! Not only was it a joy to photograph the Baby Bun (Adrien) but it allowed me to realize I LOVE family and baby sessions! The energy, proximity, complicity and intimacy is completely different from wedding work, don’t get me wrong, I love the whirlwind, the joy, the passion and extraordinary display of love and joy a wedding brings! This is something entirely different I had only briefly experienced before and… well.. I think I might be hooked! 😉

What Could Have Been

I just saw my grandmother. Well. I just saw a lady who, from behind, looks exactly like my grandmother. At least what I imagine my grandmother would have looked like if Alzheimers hadn’t sunk its fangs into her head.

More and more I have these vivid daydreams. I image chance encounters and casual conversation on my way to work. I imagine running into her while she takes a short stop to observe the new merchandise at the corner flower shop. Of course, exchanging a few words with her in such situations can only happen in my head and if I don’t dally to long in such fantasies, these vivid bouts of imagined life bring me joy rather than sorrow.


Let’s give it another go!

Hello interwebs!

I have been staring at this blank page for what seems like ages, wondering how to start this post. I’ve attempted to keep a blog countless times and failed every time. I think that my previous failure was due to my inability to condense or summarize, of wanting to share every detail of my trip! If I’d done that, there would in turn not have been much to write seeing as I would have been spending all my time writing! But here we are, I am ready to get back up and blow the dust off this writing machine!

A year ago, I was 15 days away from leaving on a wonderful adventure. As such, I’ll not only be using the blog to share my photos but also to relive small moments of my European adventure! Let’s start with some photos! A few months ago I went to the botanical gardens and photographed flowers, shocker I know! Well, I was actually there to see the lantern exhibit but insisted on visiting each and every greenhouse first! The flower photos were shot at a fairly high ISO and I wasn’t sure how to treat them so they stayed on a drive, untouched for some time until I decided to push the values and make them into very dark and contrast rich B&Ws! I find the result somewhat erotic, sensual. Here are a few frames!

Third time is a charm and First hours in Amsterdam

Well… it’s official! I am the worst at blogging! Third time is a charm? Indeed, my desire to share my activities and impressions with the world has returned. Of course, this happens as my adventure nears the final weeks of its existence and the delay is not insignificant. However! I have been keeping a detailed -perhaps too detailed- handwritten journal! As such, keeping track of dates and events is no problem. Perhaps I shall enchant you with some moments, big and small, of this incredible trip! (maybe enchant is too big a word? Keep you somewhat entertained? Give you something to read while you’re on the loo?)

Alright take three.. don’t you let me down!!!

Monday March 30th 2015

Due to a flight delay in Montreal, my flight landed in London quite late, leaving a very teensy tiny window of time for me to reach my next gate. Luckily, I got the help of a wonderful Heathrow employee who greeted me with a sign that had my name on it (YES just like in the movies, except they now use iPads). We rushed through security control and made it right on time for boarding. Of course I was quite worried that my luggage wouldn’t make it on time! Thankfully Della put my mind at ease by passing on a message to me via a flight attendant! Thank you Della!

I napped for most of the London-Amsterdam flight.. Well, I made time for wine, coffee and mixed nuts! I woke up as we approached land, seeing hundreds of windmills – the modern kind of course – both in water and on land! What an impressive sight. Once we landed I got my luggage quite rapidly as it had probably been the last to be checked in!

Luckily, I found the bus I had been instructed to take somewhat easily – I did NOT almost go the wrong way – you actually buy your ticket from a van! Weird… Took the bus to Leidseplein and met up with Christel by the Starbucks on Leidsestraat. She lives right on the canal, only two minutes away! Well, after you walk up (climb up) the narrowest, steepest four flights of stairs!

We had some Cava on the roof and WOW! The view is absolutely stunning! Breathtaking! After killing the bottle we headed out for
1) fries and mayo. Ugh… so good!
2) FEBO! I enjoyed Kroket and Frikandel. FEBO can only be described as a hot food vending machine. Different columns have different food types… including cheeseburgers!

We ended my first little soirée in Amsterdam having some wine and beer under the cozy heatlamps of the lovely brown café: PIEPER.
I personally enjoyed an easter beer by local microbrewery Brouwerij ‘t IJ! Apparently, it is located in/under a windmill right in this city! Must visit!

For now.. Sleep!

PS: This bar had cats!

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Bar cat! Oh Amsterdam how I love you!

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Travelling and gaining perspective

Dear Internets,

As I’m writing these words, I have already been away for close to two weeks. I didn’t think that I would want to write a travelling blog hence the delay. However, as a result of keeping a detailed journal of my travels, I find that the writing exercise has been a tremendously pleasant experience and while I do not expect many to read me, I enjoy putting my thoughts into words and laying them down on this virtual paper. I have found that in doing so, I am cementing certain details of my journey I would have otherwise forgotten.

I graduated from Concordia in 2012 — Ouf! Has it been two years already? — and haven’t done much in terms of looking for employment in my field. That is to say, I’ve fallen into what many of my fellow workers have called the waitressing trap. We all have bills to pay and leaving said waitressing job for an unpaid or low pay internship was unthinkable! I’ve taken the odd photography gig here and there and each time I was filled with such joy I knew I would have to take the plunge eventually but procrastination and I were always the best of friends when it came to tough decisions and so I stayed. It is also worth mentioning that part of the difficulty in deciding to leave was how much I loved my workplace! Whether it be the regulars (No, of course not all of them..Yes, I have stories. No, not now), the food (Omnomnom) or my bosses and coworkers (my OG family). At any rate, I had been talking about going to Norway for years and decided that travelling to Europe would be the best course of action I could take to make a clean break between my restaurant life and the next chapter in my life, whether it be in photography, PR, animation, education, or any other field I’ve taken an interest in over the years… As you can imagine, this “vacation” or adventure as I like to call it is also a way for me to escape everything and everyone I know in hopes of gaining my own perspective on things.

The itinerary so far: Montreal- Amsterdam- Menden (Sauerland)- Vilnius- Hønefoss-Kragerø-“Norwegian farm”- Berlin- Montreal


New Year, New Start!

Welcome ! Bienvenue !

While I initially intended this to be an “all things photography” blog, let me begin by saying that in coming here you will find an interesting – I certainly think so– collection of “things”! I say “things” because I have, in my short time on earth, amassed an eclectic variety of interests  – those who know me won’t be shocked and those who don’t know me, will understand soon enough… A blog seems to be the only –somewhat– logical way to display and organize it all for the world to see!

Welcome to the – sometimes –creative mess that is my brain and all its inner musings!